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Please feel free to share in my lymphoma experience. If you're new to the website, you might find starting off with the about page more helpful.


August 2000 Pre-diagnosis blues
September 2000 CHOP Chemo
October 2000 CHOP Chemo
November 2000 CHOP Chemo
December 2000 CHOP Chemo
January 2001 Close but no cigar
Feburary 2001 BMT Restage
March 2001 RICE Chemo
April 2001 RICE Chemo
May 2001 Pre-BMT
May 2001 BMT Treatment
June 2001 Radiation Restage
July 2001 Radiation Therapy


August 2001 Hair Explosion
September 2001 Real life sets In
October 2001 Dandruff Therapy
November 2001 More Dandruff Therapy
December 2001 Homecoming
January 2002 Pre-Olympics
February 2002 Winter 2002 Olympics
March 2002 Loss of a Companion
May 2002 One Year Check Up


Life As Usual?

August 2003 Marriage of two friends
September 2003 Two year check up
Report from 2004 So far so good.

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