Cover of Christine's and my winter 2000 Christmas card.


December 20th, Group email message. Subject: Happy Holidays.
When things are going pretty good I usually forget to send out an email, but since I've been getting a bunch of inquiries, here's an update:

I've caught my first cold :(

A cold has never seemed so trivial to me before... Compared to what I've been through, a cold is a walk in the park... So far. It's just that I've had this cold for a long time now. I don't really have an immune system to beat it. My Dr. wasn't overly concerned when I saw him last, so I just have to sit it out.

Friday is my last chemo! (fingers crossed, knock on wood, anything, if it helps) That means I could have my eyebrows back in time to ward off the summer sun!

Chris and I have been slaving away over the 2000 edition of our christmas card. It's been a good way for us to publicly vent a little about this "challenging" (to put it nicely) last year. I'll get it posted for you at my web site soon, along with our previous years cards.

All in all, things are about as good as I could ask for while still undergoing chemotherapy, and even that may be over soon. I'll know exactly what's going on when a bunch of final tests are performed after my last chemo does its job, around the end of Jan.

Stay tuned...

Kuma, my guidance councellor, gets a little wild after theChristmas eggnog.