The end of a friendship~ my companion and chariot of 15 years being towed away.


I'll admit it. I grow attached to things. I have trouble letting go. My 84' silver Jeep Cherokee which literally carried me through my teenage years was no exception. Maybe it was the memories. Maybe it was lethargy. The Cheif sat in the driveway for over three years awaiting the day that I would call it back into service so that we could relive our youths together..

But instead I let go. If there's anything I've learned while working on the lymphomajournal, it's that there's no going back.

So if you're a lymphomajournal follower, I'm sorry to say that the action here is slowing down. But my web journaling continues in force at a new site, one which I have dedicated to skiing in the back hills of Utah's beautiful Wasatch mountains. Check out the madness at foothill freak.


Famous Last Quote

"And so castles made of sand
melt into the sea,

Jimmy Hendrix