Pinki goes to see "Attack of the Clones"

May 2002: One Year Check Up


May 20. Night before getting the results.

Well, I was working out a little late and now I'm too amped to go to sleep so I thought I'd write a bit.

Tomorrow is the big day. Christine keeps asking me if I'm nervous and I keep telling her, "no, but I will be waiting in the doctor's office". But who knows. I may not even be nervous then. I'm tired of being nervous about this stuff so I've stopped. I've got better things to do with my life now, like waiting in line for two hours to see "Attack of the Clones", for example.

Well, I'm not much for hyped up movies, but I've been a fan of star wars ever since I was seven years old. I suppose I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to star wars. It's even more emparassing to admit that there was a time in my life (last year) when I wondered if I'd ever live to see "Attack of the Clones". Back then it seemed imagineably far away. I was afraid that I might not find out what happens next......

I reminisced these thoughts as I waited in line last thursday, carelessly burning through time, sipping my iced coffee in a blazing hot sun, looking forward to another glimps of the treasures within George Lucas' mind.

Of course the movie was totally dissapointing and afterward I decided that nobody should keep themselves alive to see such pathetic screen writing combined with a feeble plot. If there is a reason I'm still alive today, it wasn't to see Star Wars II.

Star Wars III maybe?


Barium Sulfate, it's what's for dinner!

The hardest thing about this whole one year check-up thing was probably seeing the CT scan beverage "Barium Sulfate" in the refridgerator, again. So many nauseaus moments spring to mind just looking at the stuff. When I removed the lid of the first one, that alone sent me running to the bathroom with stomach convulsions. But I quickly got over it. I had a fun project to work on; playing with my new car. Once I focused my attention on that the CT Slurpies were no problem. It's amazing how nausea has so much to do with what's going on in your head. It went so easy that I think I'm finally over dreading the CT procedure. Till next time anyway.


Quote of the Month

"I've got a bad feeling about this"
-A line that's used in all 5 star wars films so far (nerdy star wars trivia)


Trying to make a disgusting drink more fun...

May 22. Another temporary bill of clean health.

The CT and blood tests came back clean. Now I can get back to doing whatever I was doing. If only I knew what that was...

So the question I got asked the most was, "are you nervous?" Christine asked me daily for the three days before the meeting. I have to confess that I was never nervous. Even while I was waiting in the exam room for the doctor I wasn't nervous. I was busy looking in a catalogue for parts for my new car. There was a terrifying moment when I thought to my self, "I should be nervous!", but then I went back to day dreaming about my new wheels. Guess having a new car around helps take the edge off of doctor visits..

Here it is! The wheels of freedom, the canyon chariot, the sub-compact 4wd monster crush baby blue!

Here's a pict of my new fuel efficient projectile. Honda only made a small batch of them from 88-91' and I was lucky enought to find one twelve years later. The test is coming up next week when I drive it to San Francisco for the summer. And then there will be extensive testing on powder days up the canyons....

May 24th. One last thought.

A young boy,
whittles a stick.
He has yet to learn.
So when the knife digs in deep,
he uses too much strength.
And the knife breaks free,
slitting his own hand
In a long diagonal arc,
opening the skin.

When he looks at his hand,
he remembers,
when he sees the raised scar
he promises,
To never whittle careless, again.

While all time expands,
the boy becomes man.
he can cut without thinking,
from lessons once learned.

Because of his years,
he can break the rules
once learned as a boy.
And he basks in this freedom
founded on time.

Until once again,
the blade jumps free
across his own hand

along the same path

opening the flesh
thickened with scarring
and he clenches his wound
grasping his hand,
the small hand
of a boy.


Once again I want to thank everyone for their support! Check back in three months for results from the next check up!