Painting by James Rosenquist, which I saw at his retrospective show at the NYC Guggenheim

Lymphoma Journal Diary, 2004

"The artist swims in the waters, the critic stands on shore"
James Rosenquist

January 21, 2004
Well, I'm getting more and more emails from folks who've stumbled onto my site (I don't think that there are graceful reasons to end up on web sites about cancer) So I think I'd better do some updating:

All's well! My doctors are still pleased with my performance and my tests look good. Around my doctors I get the feeling that my chances might have been worse than they let on because they treat me like a poster child for cancer survivorship. I love cheering my doctors up and having appointments that focus more on where we've been skiing than on how I'll be tortured next.

I don't have to have any more CT scans, though sometimes in random fits of paranoia I feel like running up to the scan room and insisting on being run through "the big donut" one last time. But then I think of having to drink Barium again, start gagging at the thought of that white goo, and realize that I really feel fine anyway.

I have a few leftover conditions that I could complain about, but why bother? They are a small price to pay to still be sauntering around, unplugged, on this fine world of ours. Post 9-11 U.S.A has given me much more to worry about than my health anyway. And the best news of all is that I'm so busy that I don't even have time to worry about that. I may have reached the proverbial land of "life as usual"!

Can I blame chemo for my receding hair line? How about new wrinkles? Maybe I can sue...



August 18, 2004.
Well, I'm just a month away from a regular check up with my doc, but I'm feeling really guilty about not updating this site, so here I am. All's well. So far so good. No complaint's here. I've been enjoying myself as much as possible. Living life, Living large! As Howard Dean would say, "yeargh!"

However, poor Kuma had a bad accident. She ran full speed into a pointy stick and thoroughly sish-kabobed herself. She's doing better now though... For the full story, go to my other website, where she goes by her code name, StarChild....


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