Setting a new personal record for the first day of the season, riding the white wave, Sept 10, 03.

September 2003


Sept.10th. First tracks at Alta

Alta is a magical place that is always refreshing. When covered in snow, there is a serenity there that placates the most wretched of souls. And screaming downhill on a freshly waxed board helps too.

This year, by seemingly impossible timing, a friend and I ended up snowboarding there during a very early season snow storm that blanketed the mountain for just one day. It was surreal. Trudging through the snow would frequently cause pink and purple summer flowers to spring up from the weight of the heavy flakes. A crash would end with a crunch of twigs and the release of sweet smelling sage into the frosty air.

My goal has always been to ski as early as my birthday (October 11th), but this day beat my goal by over a month! With any luck the season will start in earnest soon!


Quote of the Month

"When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before."
- Mae West (1892-1980)


September 16: Routine check up Coming Up!

I'll write when I get back from my latest meeting with my doc. I think I owe "the Journal" a serious commentary on survivorship too.


Stay Tuned!