The Odds Deciphered
What Doctors Are Trying to Tell You Through Statistics

I've had a lot of different odds thrown at me over the past 6 months. My first response to hearing my "odds" has always been to wonder what that information really means: what should I do, how should I live my life now, where do I buy the audio cassettes about people with my odds? But slowly, though constant research and sleepless nights, I have discovered the truth about what doctors are trying to tell us with their odds:

Your odds
of survival

What they're trying to say to you
through statistics
Woops, turns out that that brain tumor is actually just a bad headache.

You'll be fine. Better take up golf now just to be sure.

Well, my dad beat it so you probably can too.
Damn, I'm probably going to have to read up a bit on this one.
Of all the cancers that can pinch off your bowels, wipe out your immune system and slowly suffocate you, this is the one to have!
You'll be fine. Now do you have any more silly questions or can I go now?
I haveno idea.
I really have no idea, better take up golf now just to be sure.
You had to pick the one subject I failed in medical school, didn't you?
Okay, so I failed two subjects.
There's still good money in the asbestos abatement/sword swallowing biz.
Hey, this is a great time to start base jumping.
Ever been to Florida? Considered cryogenics?
I'm not sure what this big word on the pathology report means and I lost the medical dictionary in the post doc party.

Using the chart is simple! Take for example someone whose chances are 20% -5%. By combining the two results, you know that the doctor is trying to tell you to buy a condo in Florida, start a business, and hang with Walt Disney! Happy figuring, and I hope you take these odds as seriously as you take your doctors!


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