Welcome to Lymphoma Journal, A blog about non-hodgkins mediastinal lymphoma survival
Just a few of the characters featured here within the Lymphoma Journal. Photo taken 1/19/01

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Welcome to the Lymphoma Journal Blog

For the sake of family, friends, and fellow survivors and people with cancer, I have chronicled my experience with stage 3 mediastinal b-cell lymphoma cancer. Within the Lymphoma Journal you will find helpful lymphomal tips, stories, the lymphoma blog, photography and artwork that I have created on this most incredible journey of surviving cancer. It's always under construction so bookmark it and come back often. I hope it's helpful. Please share it with everyone and anyone, and as always, feel free to


August 2011 Update:

Hi all,

I'm doing great. Coming up on 10 years of remission!! On a less wonderful note, I just read this article in the NYTimes and want to share it. It's mandatory reading for cancer patients, survivors and people who should care: Look what's happened to the "war on Cancer"


Summer, 2008 Update:

Of course, you probably want to hear how I'm doing. FINE! Thank you. I just accidentally missed my 7th annual dr. visit because I totally forgot to go!

As always, a big thanks goes out to everyone who helped me get to this wonderful point in my life, those who helped me see the last wonderful 7 years of my life...

I don't regulary update this site anymore. If you want to see what I'm up to, check out my latest and greatest blog about backcountry skiing.


May 5th, 2006 Update:

I'm doing great. I'm just about to hit my 5 year remission mark!!! Wooo Hoooo!! A big thanks goes out to everyone who helped me get to this wonderful point in my life...


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All Lymphoma Journal text, photography, artwork, and webmastering by Chemo Boy. This site was originally designed, created, and maintained throughout Chemo Boy's cancer treatments. All material copywrite © 2000 - 2011 by Chemo Boy. This material may not be reproduced in part or in whole without permission. zwei.